Survivorman: Toddler Boy Edition

April 29, 2010 at 1:04 pm (Uncategorized)

…or…More adventures in Pottyland

Last week I went to a brunch with ladies from church and their kids. On the way there, Toddler Boy said he had to go to the bathroom. I told him he could go when we got there. Upon arriving, I promptly forgot and we all sent our kids out to the yard to play so we could converse with actual adults.

At one point Toddler Boy ran in yelling that his 3-year-old friend was “having trouble with the man”. His mom rushed outside, thinking he was being coerced into some evil pedophile’s car. No, a 5-year-old boy was just causing some minor havoc. Crisis averted.

It hit me about an hour after we left.

“Did you go potty at the house earlier?”

“Yeah, Mama, I just went outside in the yard.”


Then later, the mom of the 5-year-old who was causing havoc said her kid pooped outside. Nothing validates the awesomeness of my parenting skillz so much as when somebody else’s kid does something worse.

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