Public toddler urination

April 19, 2010 at 11:06 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Catchy title, huh?

On a recent trip to visit the grandparents, my 3-year-old recently potty-trained toddler (understandably) wanted nothing to do with the “bathroom” (a.k.a. outhouse) at the rest stop. It took some serious negotiating, but I convinced him to go in the grass. Now he drops trou without a moment’s hesitation.

Having grown up as a relatively wild child in back-woods Montana, I’m pretty much okay with this. Except that last night I glanced outside during our home fellowship group and saw him up on the hill in their back yard, pants around his ankles. And today he informed me he was going around the corner to go poo-poo in the yard. Amazingly enough, this I did not foresee. In his defense, it’s probably pretty confusing. But rules are rules. (Or laws are laws, I guess I should say.)



  1. Kacey R. said,

    If he persists in his backyard defecation, you might consider reading this to him as he goes to sleep at night: It is very educational. I gave a speech on it once, a “how to” speech in fact. It went over well.

  2. Mamma Gina said,

    No you didn’t. Really? I gave a how-to speech on how to make a tiramisu once.

    I love that there’s an educational book on that topic. What I love even more is the link under “People who bought this book also bought this:” for Seriously? A whole book? That’s dedication. And I guess wanting to know the particulars of pooing in the woods naturally leads to a desire for more information about getting naughty in a tent.

  3. Kacey R. said,

    Wow, totally missed the “people who bought this also bought” section for this one, maybe that’s good. If I were to give a speech on how to make tiramisu, it would have to be a “How to make tiramisu so that it doesn’t resemble a pile of backyard poo.” As a side note, my girls have never considered using the backyard as a potty because it is overrun with chickens. You might try that. Although it has resulted in Nat having a raging case of Ornithophobia. Still, maybe worth a try.

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